One More Plate

Food Distribution for the Homeless



Fewer people on the streets means less food for the homeless


We're calling it "One More Plate". It doesn't have to be every meal, but the idea is that you set aside AND LABEL (with a time) a portion of a meal that's already prepared so that it can be given to a homeless person. This isn't to create an additional burden to anyone's situation, but helping in a different way since circumstances are different. It if helps to think of it as tithing, that makes sense to me, too. My commitment is that their plate will come from the first set of plates. No scraps, we are all people. The window from preparation to distribution will be no more than 24 hours. We'll follow the rules by not physically interacting during the food exchange from you to me. If you are willing to help, send us a message or email


At least two distributions per week. 

Always on Wednesdays and Sundays.



Currently 12 locations. Each distribution day now requires at least 300 plates.

  1. DuPont Circle

  2. Logan Circle

  3. Franklin Square

  4. New Jersey and O (NW)

  5. 7th and O (NW)

  6. Columbia Heights

  7. 14th and U Street (NW)

  8. Howard Theatre

  9. North Capital and Florida

  10. Minnesota and Good Hope

  11. Benning Road and 15th (NE)

  12. D Street Shelter



Food donation

In a closed container, package and label the meal inside of TWO PLASTIC BAGS. It is important to both provide two plastic bags AND label the inner bag.

Meal Sponsor

You can help us AND support a small business by donating funds.

We have contracted Chef Preddie Tash to internally prepare meals that will directly go to the homeless.





Our Process

Upon pickup/delivery, masked and in gloved hands, we will shed the outer plastic bag, sanitize the inner bag with 70% alcohol, and put on a second bag of our own

For Distribution, masked and in gloved hands, we will shed my outer bag, and give the contained meal in one plastic bag to a person-in-need.


Collage of Service

Order a  Plate
Meals ordered for the homeless will be delivered on Wednesday's and Sunday's (at minimun).